Netatmo energy change current schedule

Hi. I have Netatmo smart radiator valves and I enabled the integration. Does anybody know how to change the current schedule from HA? There is an endpoint in their API ( but is there any easy way to call it from HA script?

Not right now. But I’ll put that on my list. It’s already implemented in pyatmo, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Hey thanks but already did it myself :slight_smile:
There is PR here
As you said it is already in pyatmo so it was easy to add.

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Great. I’ll migrate that over to the refactor I’m currently one. Thanks for implementing it.

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Hi, Any idea when it will be released ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I aim for 0.104.

@cgtobi is it already on the beta or RC channel ?

There is no beta/RC yet.

Hi all, what should this be doing?

Switch from day/night/economy?

You can specify which schedule to select. I for example have one for holiday, summer and winter.

Hi, is there any Update on that? Ich cant see my Plan at Netatmo energy devices.

Not sure what exactly you’re missing, but of course you can do change the schedule from within Home Assistant.

In UI:

Service: netatmo.set_schedule:

entity_id: climate.netatmo_livingroom
  schedule_name: Default

In the next release there will also be a new attribute for the currently selected schedule: selected_schedule.

Ok, lets try to explain.
I have those plans configured and I like to switch on a dedicated Time or Outdoor temp to it:

Sure, just use the service in your automation like so:

  - service: netatmo.set_schedule
    entity_id: climate.netatmo_livingroom
      schedule_name: Default

Ok thank you :slight_smile: , so schedule_name: is the Name of my Plan, then?

Yes, exactly.

Hm, trying it the first time, what is the playe at home assistant where I can set this config?

Thanks Michael

To just try it you can navigate to developer tools -> services.

Or you use it in an automation.

Ok, looks like I come further :wink:

So that works:

But this is not at Automations:

Any hint for my? Thanks so mich :slight_smile:

Got it, has to look like this :slight_smile:

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