Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

Has anyone had any luck getting the sensors imported from a netamo home coach? I have the netamo lines in the config file and it seems to have logged in without issue. When I add discovery: true no sensors are listed in the states page. I Attempted to manually add the 4 sensors ( temp, humidity, co2 and noise ) but that did not work.

if i log into the netatmo website it shows that i have no devices linked however the default app is working on 3 different devices without issue.

I really just wanted to have an easy way to monitor temp and humidity in the nursery and talk back to nest to help balance the house a little.

is this device just not yet supported? I possible jumped the gun on this one.

well I found my answer today. Currently The Healthy Home Coach will not work with IFTTT and also HA. :frowning:

I guess support is on the back burner and will at some point one day show up… OR I could just purchase the entire weather station for an extra $60+tax which is compatible

Hi, I have opened a PR here with support for the Home Coach. Hopefully we will get it released soon! Cheers