Netatmo Heating Power Request

Hi all.

The Netatmo integration is really good.
I was wondering if we can have the heating power request integrated into attributes as a percentage. Perhaps call it valve_position as other climate entities have.
I can see that the Netatmo integration is already calling to get the number, but it is only used for the hvac attribute.

    def hvac_action(self) -> Optional[str]:
        """Return the current running hvac operation if supported."""
        if self._module_type == NA_THERM:
            return CURRENT_HVAC_MAP_NETATMO[self._data.boilerstatus]
        # Maybe it is a valve
        if self._room_id in self._data.room_status:
            if (
                self._data.room_status[self._room_id].get("heating_power_request", 0)
                > 0
                return CURRENT_HVAC_HEAT
        return CURRENT_HVAC_IDLE

It would be really helpful for my new heating system to get that information from the thermostat.

Thanks in advance.

I need to check what we are actually retrieving from the API.

Cool, thanks.

Looks good

Yes please.
That looks really good.