Netatmo integration camera light unavailable

Following an outage of Netatmo’s dev portal (see here: Dev portal issues? ) which is alledgedly fixed, I am still having issues. Checking to see if this is me or if anyone else is seeing this too.

The HA entity for my Welcome Camera’s inbuilt light is now showing as unavailable. The cameras are integrating fine.

When the light shows an unavailable, the usual fix is to check that the netatmo app created in their dev portal has webhooks enabled (they somtimes get banned if HA doesn’t respond to them quickly enough) - so unban them and then unregister and reregister webhooks through HA workflow.

This time, however, webhooks are working fine and I can see them coming into HA from Netatmo whenever an event that requires a webhook occurs.

Anyone else seeing this?

I have found this issue Netatmo webhooks and lights unavailable. · Issue #116752 · home-assistant/core · GitHub so not just me…