Netatmo Integration does not work since last night

yesyerday I ugraded to HA 2024.1.0 and since last night my Netatmo meteo station does not show any value anymore:

Base station do not get any values anymore, but remote sensor yes:

I just tried to restart Netatmo meto station and restart Home Assistant without any lucky. Base station data are available in Netatmo App, so my opinion is that base station is working fine.
Somoeone have any suggestion to help me to fix?


I don’t know if it can work for you too: with the latest Netatmo update (thermostat) it doesn’t work for me every time I restart it, I “just” need to reload the integration and everything goes back to ok. However, this is strange!

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I restarted both for times without success. After a couple of hour, it bring back to work.


tobay integration does not work anymore.
I got this error in the logs:

2024-03-12 14:16:50.383 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.netatmo] Error during webhook registration - 503 - Service Unavailable - when accessing ''

Using netatmo app al work fine


I had problems with the integration of Netatmo modulating relay, the one that controls the thermostat and valves. the problem is that the relay connects only to 2.4 ghz network and i have created a guest network for this frequency standalone. you have to connect to the main wifi network not to the guest one. Turn on the main one only in the 2.4, do the setup, and turn on after that the 5 ghz channel. the guest network is not communicating properly with home assistant, that’s the idea of a guest it may help, i didn’t find it on the forum.