Netatmo Integration not working...again

Seems its gonna be one of those weeks… yesterday was Hive and today Netatmo, seems all the apis this week decided to hate me.
This morning I noticed that all the sensors on my netatmo weather station stopped working and are showing unavailable, wondering if anyone seeing the same?
I’ve tried removing everything and adding the integration again, my Alexa connected to HA recognizes them, but all the sensors on HA are showing unavailable.

current Ha version is: 0.115.5 …as as usual nothing in the logs regarding this.

Help? thanks

I think it’s related to netatmo services. All sensors are gone on netatmo web page as well.

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Oh really? Their app still works… interesting. Thanks

Same problem for me but the help service webpage are reporting some technical issues (

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See this thread for more information too.