Netatmo: Integration of Weather OK, but Security cameras leads to problems

I am trying to integrate Netatmo. I am currently using the Netatmo weather station and 4 x Netatmo security cameras.
Unfortunately I only see the Netatmo weather station (3 devices) within HA. I do not get the Netatmo security cameras integrated. Why?
Any ideas what went wrong respectively what I can do to get Netatmo security cameras working?

Most likely you chook the HA Cloud link instead of an individual dev account. Please check the docs for instructions.

Thank you very much for the fast answer.
But I am unsure what I did wrong, respectively where to link dev account?
I just tried it again, with the same limited Netatmo access like before:

  1. within the HA integration page I selected Add Integration “Netatmo”
  2. a window pops up, telling me that a webpage will be open
  3. I am on the Netatmo page and I have to enter my account user and password
  4. I get an overview of all my Netatmo devices including my cameras
  5. I only can select “accept”
  6. done
    But unfortunately HA again only displays my weather devices. NOT my four security cameras.

You have to remove the integration, add your dev id and secret to your config and restart HA. After it’s been up you can add the integration and select configuration.yaml instead of the HA cloud link.

Perfect, thank you. Now it is working :slight_smile:

In case somebody reading this and is as newbie as I am and without “supervisor”. The configuration.yaml file you find in the home assistant folder on your device (e.g. NAS).

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