Netatmo Integration: State don't update after action

I configured Netatmo official integration in my HA. The integration auto-discovered my Lights as “switches” and my Shutter as “cover” that sounds pretty much right.
The problem is that if I turn on a switch (light) or I move the shutter (cover) even if the action is instantaneus (good thing) the state doesn’t update and return in off-state even if the light is effectively On. After max 5 minutes (I know that is the maximum time between updates set in default by the integration) al the state syncronizes.

I undesrtand the limit but I don’t understand why the action of on-off is done and the state don’t update. Am I wrong in something? Or is the integration that works in this way?

Thank You in advance

Due to API limitations we can’t poll more often than every 5 minutes, so it might indeed take up to 5 minutes until the state is reflected/synchronized in HA.

Thank You, Yhank You very much for your answer that save me a lot of time searching for something that I am not doing in the right way.
I know - because Isaw it written in another post - that you are in touch with Netatmo to find out a solution to this problem (it’s a problem because it’ really frustrating see that a light is “on” after 5 mins, instead for a power meter or other things it’s not a big deal).
My question is: can we (the community) help you in some way? Also in the relation with netatmo?

Thank You again

Testing early on (beta) and reporting issues (preferably on GitHub) helps a lot. I don’t think there is a lot we can do to speed up the processes at Netatmo/Legrand.

Ciao Matteo,
ho lo stesso problema che mi affligge, hai novità a riguardo?

I’ve just solved the problem!
I’ll tell you the way:

  • delete netamo integration from HA
  • delete the bridge in the homekit app
  • add homekit controller integration on HA and select the netatmo btcino hub.

the game is done!
now everything is synchronized without any kind of lagging

Very interesting.
I have a Netatmo weather station but I know nothing about how homekit is functioning.
Do I need a homekit bridge or something similar for this to work or can this all be done simply in HA?