Netatmo integration : switch state problem

I have installed the Netatmo integration in my HA.
I followed everything correctly i guess, but my problem is that :
The NLF switches are considered “lights” and it takes about 4-5 minutes to get the state update when switch on or off.
Is there anything to do for HA to get the state of the switch instantly ?

Thank you for your help

@cgtobi, i am not sure if it is the right way to go, but i ended up modifying your custom netatmo (BETA) component and changed the file


DeviceType.NLF: DeviceCategory.dimmer,


DeviceType.NLF: DeviceCategory.switch,

And now, everything works perfectly

Ok, great. What confuses me though, is that according to the documentation the NLF is actually a dimmer. That would mean that the dimming functionality is broken either in HA or pyatmo, no?

I am quite new to all this (only 4 months of HA), but here are my small inputs :

  • my NLF things are no dimmers at all, they are simple switches
  • there is no entity, HA discovers them as, which is correct i guess ?
    But then, it takes up to 5 minutes to get state change (ON /OFF)
  • Afetr having made the above modification in your custom component, HA discovered multiple entities : (instant state change) + + sensor.xxx_power + sensor.xxx_reachability

So, it looks to me that the documentation is wrong there and they should indeed be switch types. Thanks for taking the time for investigation.

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@cgtobi Would you mind adding the ‘PowerMixin’ class to NLL type in order to have the power sensor populated ?

File :

class NLL(FirmwareMixin, PowerMixin, EnergyMixin, WifiMixin, SwitchMixin, Module):
    """Legrand / BTicino italian light switch with neutral."""

(1: I am only testing my devices, maybe other types need that PowerMixin too ?)
(2: Maybe i should start making some PRs on your BETA component repo if i have other fixes ?)

Or even make contributions to pyatmo directly.

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I have exactly the same issue. With a dimmer switch, it is not possible to set the % of the dim - only to set the on / off state.

And even then the state is not updated to HA for many minutes, and sometimes not at all.

Google home doesn’t have these issues. I can set the dim level of google home

Having exact same issue with Legrand dimmers… did anyone find a solution?

Please open issues for missing dimmer capabilities either on the pyatmo or HA gihub issue tracker. I will see to get that fixed. Please also provide the exact type that is missing this capability.