Netatmo - non-cloud alternatives

I’m a heavy user of Netatmo and I love their devices but recently the integration with HA is shaky at best. The indoor sensor is the most important to me and I’m wondering if there there are any devices out there with the same capabilities? That would be all-in-one unit with temp, humidity, Co2 sensors.

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I would love to see a viable alternative as well. The Aqara sensors (Zigbee) work fine for temp, humidity and pressure measurement but what I’d really like to see is the Co2 sensor.

ZEYUE CGDN1 Air Detector Lite:


I too am getting tired of this bs happening so often. I will probably leave Netatmo for outside temp display purposes, but I need a proper co2 sensor for controlling the ventilation.

Interesting find. They seem to be selling this with at least three different brands. Are you sure it is possible to integrate with HA locally without any cloud? Most sites seem to mention Homekit. Do you own this product yourself?

I’ve ordered one piece. Will receive it in late December. So far there is no integration, but your are able to bind it via HomeKit integration into HA.
So will see what’s possible.

CGDN1 is here! Added it to homekit (reset network via 8sec hold left button, the device will be added to your WiFi), removed the device from homekit (the device will remain in the Wifi!). Added it via HomeKit-Controller in HA:


And the following Sensor will be available in HA:

With following entity attributes:

The quality is amazing and the user interface very nice! A webinterface is not present, but port 80 is open (nmap: 80/tcp open http)
If you connect to Xiaomi Home App (country China), the device will be a bluetooth-hub for other Xiaomi (temp) sensors.

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Looks nice! How do you feel about it now after 3 weeks of use? Any problems?

I am thinking about placing an order today.

Yes, it works! But you have to power it permanently, the battery hold only for 24h if you use it for continuous environment monitoring.
Be aware how fast this little gadget sends data, so on every value change you get an update, this could flood your recorder in HA.
First Time you have to pair with xiaomi app (country setting: China) and set you favourite energy saving settings, before you pair with homekit!
Additional you have a little noise of the micro fan inside (realy realy silent, but you hear it, if sitting in front of).

Thanks for your comments. I have to think about the fan sound a little bit since it would be installed in bedrooms quite close to the beds. If it’s very silent it will probably not be an issue.

After connecting the device to MI Home app, I tried to set the air monitor in HA by homekit integration. The device has not been found with the following message : “No unpaired devices could be found” . The monitor is connected to WIFI network, has IP but can’t be found by Homekit Controller integration. Any help is welcome! Thanks.

  • Add it to homekit (reset network via 8sec hold left button, the device will be added to your WiFi)
  • Remove the device from homekit in home app (the device will remain in the Wifi!).
  • Add it via HomeKit-Controller in HA
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