Netatmo (Presence) - constant data/video stream leads to high data throughput

I’ve noticed that my Netatmo integration for my two (2) Netatmo Presence Outdoor cameras lead to a massive data throughput on my Home Assistant. I noticed this behaviour when using the officical Andorid app “Security” from Netatmo, where I couldn’t get a live feed from both cameras anymore - they always timed out. This can be seen, when adding the entity as a picture card to your lovelace dashboard. Following details to the issue:

  • Supervisor Version 2020.12.7
  • Home Assistant OS 5.9 (64bit)
  • Home Assistant 2020.12.1
  • Docker Version 19.03.13

This is my current Lovelace view - by default kept to a minimum:

type: picture-entity
entity: camera.netatmo_eingang
camera_image: camera.netatmo_eingang
name: Eingang

This is the network throughput to that page:
Screenshot 2020-12-21 160127

You’ll see the throughput on eth0 based on the Netatmo camera feed. When the camera feed is removed from Lovelace, you’ll notice the immediate drop in data throughput (around 3:00pm). When there is no lovelace card, I also can see the feed in the Netatmo Android app again - no timeout anymore. I declare this massive throughput, since 15GB of data has been used within 12hours. This is way too much for a camera feed. I would understand that the live feed is only taken once the Lovelace is active or the camera view is set to “live”.

  • Is this reproducable on any other configuration?
  • Is there a setting to disable constant data stream (e.g. set card status to picture?)
  • Did I miss a setting within Netatmo config?

Thank you