Netatmo public sensor


I have been trying to get netatmo public sensor to work, and the setup itself is no problem. But the problem is to get the 4 coordinates the sensor requires, maybe I’m stupid, but normally you only get 2?!?

Public sensor
  - platform: netatmo
      - lat_ne: 40.719
        lon_ne: -73.735
        lat_sw: 40.552
        lon_sw: -74.105

I’m Denmark all the coordinates I can find for my place is the NE coordinates, and I have been trying 30 apps and websites to convert and/or get coordinates and no one have been giving both NE and SW coordinates, so can anyone help with how to get all 4?

The longitude and latitude are used to specify an area not a location. Accourding to the docs lat_ne is the latitude of north-eastern corner of area etc.

How can I get it? The sensor needs all 4 coordinates and I can only get two

An area is has four corners, you need to specify the top_right and bottom_left

I’m lost :man_shrugging:
Can you direct me in the right direction on how to?

That is what I’ve been trying to do… not sure how to explain it better.

There is nothing to convert, you just need to give the lat & long of both corners from the area you would like to have.

But the problem is you only get the coordinates of the corner you are in, in my case NE :man_shrugging: There is no place where I can get SW coordinates :cry:

:roll_eyes: …walk to the SW corner :wink:

You are thinking about a specific location, but you need to specify an area around it. Type the city you’re in at Click somewhere NE of your location and somewhere SW.

lat_ne: 56.257025
lon_ne: 10.122231
lat_sw: 56.232416
lon_sw: 10.033175

Is this correct then? And thanks for your help :smiley: