Netatmo radiators

Hello everyone,
I do have some Muller Intuitiv compatible radiators which works neatly with Home Assistant thanks to Netatmo and HomeKit. It actually uses the HomeKit controller integration called IntuitivGateway.
The integration works well and creates a climate entity for each of my radiators.

It would be great if it could also pull other data such as:

  • the motion detector which is installed in each radiator
  • the power usage for each radiator which is visible in their official Muller Intuitiv app

What do you think about it? @cgtobi any opinion on that? :slight_smile:

Hello @mgim , do you have any Apple/Homekit physical hardware or did you manage to add your Muller Intuitiv without Apple/HomeKit hardware?

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Figured out my issue a few days later (network issue, I switched HA on a dedicated VM with HAOS from a container).

Iā€™m now backing up @mgim suggestion about power information via HomeKit controller integration.