Netatmo Rain gauge stopped getting data

I added my new netatmo sensor to a card the other day and it worked fine. Then suddenly after a day or so instead of the rain gauges values i get the message “ukendt” (unknown) … The rain gauges data is listed and updated in my netatmo app, and on the web, so I’m not sure what to do. Can you assist? I haven’t changed anything since it stopped


Same thing is happening with me. Using 101.3.

Upgraded to 101.3 and no problems. Do you see any of rain gauge sensors in states page?

No, the 1- and 24- hour gauge sensors used to show up, but now they don’t. The anemometer, temperature, humidity, noise, and CO2 readings are all updated. Everything shows up on my Netatmo station page. I don’t know that it has anything to do with 101.3, as I might have lost the readings in a previous revision. I haven’t knowingly changed a thing with regard to the weather station, but I also haven’t fussed around yet trying to debug.

Hm… seems like battery or WiFi range problem… but I’d assume you already checked this out…
One, perhaps stupid thing that come to my mind (i made this myself); if yoy chenged the name of device in Netatmo setup AFTER you integrated it into hassio, it might change the name in hassio way after actual change was done… Did you checked all the sensors that Netatmo exposes tot hasso? Not just the one you expect to see?

The batteries are all good. The signal is good. Info is being received to the base station and is readable through the Netatmo app and web interface. I agree that it is more likely to be something wrong on my end than with the code itself. Nope, no other sensors with different names are appearing.

You might be affected by a bug in 0.101. Please try again when 0.102.1 comes out as 0.102.0 still has that bug.

I think there are two different problems for me, now. There is a new one that I think you note which is not yet fixed in 0.102.1, where Netatmo sensors are created but values never written to, and my earlier one where the rain gauge sensors aren’t being created. I still haven’t done any debugging on the latter, as it is snowing instead of raining, here.

In case you’re using manual setup for your Netatmo components there is a fix coming with 0.102.2. In the meantime you can use discovery: true and comment out all manual Netatmo related configurations.