Netatmo sensor hangs

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I’ve been seeing that my netatmo sensor seems to intermittently hang – often early in the morning, and then no longer update. I’m reading my own sensors (not public). Only real way I’ve found of getting them working again is to restart Home Assistant. Any ideas on how to debug this?

Some screenshots.

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There are some open issues on github:

I have same issue all is fine on Netatmo App instead

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Same issue here.

Same issue here, after 2 hours or sometimes 4 hours the Netatmo component for the Weatherstation is not getting new data. Graphics look the same as above. After restart of Home Assistant data comes back in.

Running 0.93.1 and having issues
Running 0.90.0 was fine


Same here, using 93.2

Same situation here. Running Hassio 0.93.2 on RPi3.

Same thing here.
Version: 0.93.2

Works for an hour then crash.

Same issue here with 0.93.2 running Raspberry Pi 3

Yesterday manually updated to the pyatmo 1.12 instead of 1.11 that was running, seems to work for about 20 hours, but in the night the sensor stopped working again :frowning:

I have the same issue with 0.93.2. Simply stops working after some hours.

Same issue on my side. The netatmo API fails and then does not recover.

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I have the same issue. Hangs after some hours…

Still issue in my setup after upgrading to 0.94 :frowning:

2019-06-06 11:32:08 WARNING (SyncWorker_4) [homeassistant.components.netatmo.sensor] No Weather or HomeCoach devices found for None

Was REALLY looking forward to a fix…


Same here after upgrading to 0.94

Same here. A really big problem as many of my automations for the ventilation is based on data from Netatmo.

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Hi, for whoever it is interesting:
I’m still on 93.2 and my Netatmor works for 20 hours.
Before not longer than 2 hours
What I did:
inspired by Phil Hawthorne I created some sensors in order to track the availability of my components.
So I searched for Netatmo_personal_weather_station in known_devices and set the tracking to true.
then I created a template sensor, which translates the home/not_home to Online/Offline.
That’s it. Since then, the Netatmo workes without problems.

I believe, that the sensor/tracker etablished a permanent ping which keeps “the line open”
That avoids, that the netatmo shuts down the communication channel and caused the break.

Maybe that helps a little until 0.95 is out

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Hi, every night at 0:12 I receive these issues:

Does anybody has this behavior as well?

Hello all,

  1. How is Netatmo working nowadays for you? I cannot get Netatmo to work on homeassistant, even with curl it is refusing to use the API so I wonder if that’s just me…

  2. As for the 20h+ issue, I have sometimes my weather station on but not connected to wifi, I have to reboot it (super annoying when I’m traveling) but here you mention it works with the app so I believe the issue comes with the refresh of the token from the library
    You can test the “module” directly on your Home Assistant device:

$ export CLIENT_ID="<your client_id>"
$ export CLIENT_SECRET="<your client_secret>"
$ export USERNAME="<netatmo username>"
$ export PASSWORD="<netatmo user password>"
$ python3 : OK
$ echo $?
  1. I don’t like the fact you need to put the password of your Netatmo account in the configuration.yaml (or secret.yaml) while an oauth2 method is offered via the NetAtmo API. Does anybody know more about this? If there is another “module” being worked on? It is fairly “easy” to do the authentification part, the problem is to refresh the token automatically.

If you have any questions/remarks/etc do not hesitate to reply.


PS: this is my very first post on this forum, this weekend I decided to put effort into understanding how Home Assistant works as it definitely seems to be the best tool for what I need at home (if Netatmo works :D)