Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensor - integration into HA

Hello, I bought 3x Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensor and I want to integrate them into HA for future automatizations, but I can’t see these sensors in HA Netatmo integrations (other Netatmo products working fine). Do you have any idea how I can add the Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensor into HA?

Door tags will not appear in HA as entities (right now) but HA should receive webhook events for those devices to be able to automate on.

thank for reply. Can you please help me where and how I can set webhooks for this? I am novice in this :slight_smile:

You gotta set up your instance using your individual dev account to make effective use of webhook events.

You also have to expose your instance to the WAN over port 443 and set up your external URL accordingly.

Once that is established please take a look at the webhook event cookbook.

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