Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the Netatmo Indoor Sirene is fully functional with Home Assistant?


If you have one we can get it going.

I will let you know when it arrives :).

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I have one now, can I help in the development?

If you don’t mind get in contact with me on discord.


any progress so far ? I also got a siren from netatmo and would love integration!

thanks in advance,

Not explicitly, but it probably sends out webhook events. If we can gather those it can be implemented/exposed.

If you tell me how to check / help i can retrieve needed data for you

Thanks in advance,

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note : the siren is connected using BLE to the camera, the siren itself is NOT connected to wifi.
So if there are any hooks, they should come from the camera :


Wireless connection with the Smart Indoor Camera via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

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If you’re on a recent version go to the developers section and events. There you can listen for netatmo_event (at the bottom of the page). It will print all event below.


then i understand i must be in “listen” mode while at the same time, triggering alarm or launching deterrent sound from the application (dog, baby cries, hover, etc…);

will be able to test when i’m alone in the house tomorrow, i’ll keep you posted.

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So, i did it, and i triggered the alarm from the app itself. no event at all.

As it is a BLE connection between the camera and the siren, i’m unsure if we will be able to do anything with it …

That’s a shame, as i have aqara door and vibrations sensors, i wanted to be able to trigger the alarm if one of the sensors detects something …

any advice ?

Did you make sure that you’re receiving any webhook events at all?

Haha, I figured that two days ago, i was not receiving the webhooks but i have cleared this issue now.

I will retest this afternoon and keep you posted

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