Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera : Light Brightness and Detection

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Hello !

First of all, thank you very much @cgtobi for the work you have put in this release !
I am an heavy user of Netatmo and the Outdoor lights and schedule switch for climate are great !

I use two Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera as lights for my terrasse and actually use php scripts to light both of them at 33% bridghtness and another script to disable detection while we are enjoying the terrasse.

Do you think it would be possible to add those to your integration ?

  • Add a brightness parameter in netatmo.set_camera_light service
  • Add a netatmo.set_camera_detection service that would allow to enable/disable detection (for this one I only achieved to enable/disable detection for all cameras, not one by one).

Feel free to ask for any help testing/debugging any code related to Outdoor Camera, Thermostat, Valve or weather station.



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Great, thanks.

Sure, if it’s possible to do it in php it can be implemented in the integration directly. Can you point me to your snippet since this is not officially documented by Netatmo?

Best regards

Hello !

Here is my (ugly) code :slight_smile:

It’s based on


$Netatmo_user = 'xxxxxxxx';

$Netatmo_pass = 'xxxxxxxx';

$Netatmo_app_id = 'xxxxxxxxxx';

$Netatmo_app_secret = 'xxxxxxxxx';


$_splNetatmo = new splNetatmoAPI($Netatmo_user, $Netatmo_pass, $Netatmo_app_id, $Netatmo_app_secret, 0);

//if (isset($_splNetatmo->error)) die($_splNetatmo->error);

if ($argv[1] == 'light') {

    //change Presence Light mode (use either 'auto', 'on', 'off':

    echo 'Light '.$argv[2]."\r\n";

    $_splNetatmo->setLightMode('Terrasse Droite', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setLightMode('Terrasse Gauche', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setLightMode('Porte Buanderie', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setLightMode('Porte Entrée', $argv[2]);

    if ($argc > 3) {

        //change Presence light intensity:

        echo 'Dimmer '.$argv[3].'%'."\r\n";

        $_splNetatmo->setLightIntensity('Terrasse Droite', $argv[3]);

        $_splNetatmo->setLightIntensity('Terrasse Gauche', $argv[3]);

        $_splNetatmo->setLightIntensity('Porte Buanderie', $argv[3]);

        $_splNetatmo->setLightIntensity('Porte Entrée', $argv[3]);



if ($argv[1] == 'dimmer') {

    //change Presence light intensity:

    echo 'Dimmer '.$argv[2]."\r\n";

    $_splNetatmo->setLightIntensity('Terrasse Droite', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setLightIntensity('Terrasse Gauche', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setLightIntensity('Porte Buanderie', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setLightIntensity('Porte Entrée', $argv[2]);


if ($argv[1] =='detect') {

    //change Presence or Welcome monitoring (use either 'on', 'off':

    echo 'Detect '.$argv[2]."\r\n";

    $_splNetatmo->setMonitoring('Terrasse Droite', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setMonitoring('Terrasse Gauche', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setMonitoring('Porte Buanderie', $argv[2]);

    $_splNetatmo->setMonitoring('Porte Entrée', $argv[2]);


//get all Presence cameras datas:

//$Cameras = $_splNetatmo->getPresenceCameras();

//echo "<pre>Cameras:<br>".json_encode($Cameras, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT)."</pre><br>";

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That would be a cool addition indeed.

@cgtobi Many thanks for adding the mediabrowser for the Netatmo camera in 0.115. It’s really cool to see the latest recordings from the camera directly in HA :+1:

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Wow I didn’t even noticed it as Media Browser was not enabled by default. Great add-on indeed !!

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There are more things to come. Thanks for the kind words.

Hello Tibuski, hello Tobi,

It was very difficult for me to integrate my two netatmo outdoor cameras in HA. Fortunately I got some help from wolfgangz (Wolfgang many thanks for your support) and they work well now. But I’m further overstrained to add the other features to HA as camera on/of, light on/off/brightness and motion sensor to control and to automat them.

I read this article and it looks like there is a solution for it.

Is it possible to give me an explanation for this item.

Many thanks in advance

Hi Thomas, setting the brightness is currently not supported and the motion detection can not be turned off.
You can turn on/off your camera as well as toggle the light auto/on (/off; only supported via the service call). Motion sensing is available via events and can be used in automations as a trigger.

Hi Tobi,

many thanks for your explanation.

I know how to turn on/off camera and light via web-hooks and created a switch for it. But I also want to give the camera a command for a certain brightness and I guessed there is also a solution for this with HA.

Many thanks

Hello Thomas,

Have you tried the script I posted above ?
You will need PhP to run it.

But, as cgtobi said, it’s not supported so I am not sure it stills work…

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