Netatmo - Smarther Thermostat

Hi all,
I’m new to HA adn to the forum, I was trying Netatmo integration, and to control a thermostat
Noticed that I basically can’t switch from heating to cooling mode, nor change the schedules that I’ve configured on the control+ app. And, when I switch mode from the app, I can’t control the device from HA, I try to reload the integration and the dashboard template act like the device was unavailable.

took a look on netatmo API, I’ve been able to read some data with /homestatus endpoint or something… but didn’t understand if there’s a way to switch mode or schedule.
Would be great If HA was able to read the device’s mode and adapt the template from heating to cooling or viceversa (reading device mode should be possible)

I’m in the right place to ask something about this? Lol

Thanks in advance