Netatmo Smoke Alarm


I recently purchased 3 netatmo smoke alarms with the intention of configuring them as HomeKit devices. Only after I installed them I realized they need to be linked using Bluetooth, which, if I understand correctly, home assistant doesn’t support (yet). No worries, as there is an official integration I can use that until the day comes that I can use HomeKit and use my smoke alarms completely locally.

Problem is, when i set up the integration, my 3 alarms don’t get added to it. Granted, I can’t set up the webhook functionality because I can’t get my home assistant to be available on port 443, but do I need it to be able to get sensor data? Or is there no sensor data for the smoke alarm, only events? In the netatmo api it does look like there is some data available though…

Thanks so much for your help and advice!

To my knowledge alarms are only available via webhook events. So, right now there are no entities created for smoke alarms.

Got it, thanks! Do you know if there’s a way to change the port needed for the webhook?

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No, Netatmo does not allow ports other than 80 and 443 to be used for webhooks. The two obvious options are to either expose your instance on 443 or use Nabu Casa. I know of other solutions but no details. You have to provide an endpoint for the webhook on 443 somehow.

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Ok, that’s clear, thanks again!

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I just purchased 3 Netatmo Smoke Alarms, only to find they are not currently supported by HA.
Can anyone help with the webhook? They do show up in the integration diagnostics.

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