Netatmo: support for Plugs, Lights, Contactors etc

Now the ‘home + control’ feature set has moved from legrand to netatmo, would it be possible to expand the scopes for the netatmo integration to support these devices? I already see mentions of this in pyatmo, but not yet in the HA integration. I’m currently using these devices locally through homekit controller, but homekit does not support exposing power consumption. The other route is to go generic zigbee 3.0, but thats a lot of work just to get power exposed :wink: just getting the webhooks through to HA would already be great!

If someone is already looking at this, then great!

It’s already in the latest beta.

Oh, nice! Will take a look…

Running the latest beta, I see that the camera entities (indoor, outdoor, Doorbell) remain unavailable. I’ve tried rebooting the cameras and removing/reinstalling the integration. Oddly, the logs are empty - it shows the integration initializes successfully, but no warnings or errors. Is this expected behaviour?

You have to use a Netatmo dev account with the doorbell. Please check the docs.

I am using a dev account with an application, and receiving netatmo_event for the cameras, it’s just the camera and camera light entities remain unavailable. Really strange. Will comb through the info-level logs again, but nothing obvious

Debug log would be helpful in that case.