Netatmo Temperature from Thermostat

Hi community,

This is my first post! I have a Netatmo smart heating set up at home with 5 Radiator Values (TRV’s) and a Thermostat unit.

I am struggling to get the temperature readings from either the TRV’s or the thermostat to show in sensor cards. I can only seem to get the battery reading - is this a limitation of Netatmo?

Thanks in advance.

It’s broken for a couple of weeks now and nobody seems to care

It’s not that no one cares. It’s all about priorities. This is an open source project and most of the developers donate their free time to it. The Netatmo integration is used by 4.6% of all HA users. That’s not a lot, so it’s probably not getting a lot of attention compared to the bigger bugs.

Is there any way to resolve this or do we simply have to wait?

That’s a difficult question to answer. If you add to the github issue, that could help. But if there’s only one developer that can work on it (which is sometimes the case), it might take some time unfortunately. If you have some coding skills (or know someone who does), you might be able to take a look at it yourself.

This is the double-edged source of open source software. :frowning:

It’s very odd - I can view temperature when I use Netatmo’s only card but I want to add temperate to here. Unfortunately for this card - the valuves temperature doesn’t show.

Ah! try sensor.[whatever your entity name is here]. Not climate.. Temperature is usually a sensor.

Thanks for the suggestion @code-in-progress . What is weird is all the Netamo valves only have entities as “climate”

When you view the device - you can clearly see the temperature. But I don’t know how to access that attribute. I’ve attached two screenshots. Looks like it’s not an option.

Huh… weird.

If you go to Developer Tools > States and look at the climate device, is temperature there as an attribute perhaps? We can work with that if it is.

There is! Looks like ‘temperature’ is there!

So all you need to do is create a template sensor helper and use this template:

{{ state_attr("climate.bedroom_2", "current_temperature") }}

I’m not sure what the difference is between current_temperature and temperature, but some experimenting should help you figure it out.

Name it something like Bedroom_2 Temperature and you’ll end up with a sensor called sensor.bedroom_2_temperature that you can use pretty much anywhere.

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For climate entities, the temperature attributes are:

  • Current temperature is the actual outside temperature.
  • Temperature is the set (required) temperature for the thermostat.

Thanks for all the tips, I’ll have a look over the weekend and report back!

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