Netatmo Thermostat Schedule


does anyone have experience with setting up netatmo energy?

I installed the smart valves today. The settings in the application and the integration into HA are OK. The basic commands via lovelace UI are trouble-free. However, I would like to set a specific schedule plan. So far, I wanted to test the schedule settings from the netatmo app. According to the documentation, it should go:

To follow user’s daily routines, Netatmo Thermostat and Valves uses a weekly temperature schedule. Within the mobile App, users define when they usually get up, go to work, come back home and go to sleep. They decide what temperature feels the most comfortable for each of these time periods and for each room. As long as a device isn’t in manual mode, the setpoint temperature of the device is set according to the weekly schedule. You can retrieve this custom schedule through the API.

However, I did not come across an example of how to do this. The documentation just mentions the “switchmodeschedule” with the parameters schedule_id and home_id, which aren´t available in the netatmo app.

Thanks for any advice

When you say documentation, do you refer to the HA or Netatmo documentation?

Setting the schedule will become easier soon as the service will change. But right now you need to specify the schedule name and home name to netatmo.set_schedule.


I’ve been looking at the netatmo documentation. But later in the evening I studied the possibilities of HA and yes, it´s possible to call this service:

service: netatmo.set_schedule

And when I define the device, I also get an ID device from HA in yaml mode (as climate element):

device_id: ee9809cdd28d42d69cff48fcfb5a96fd
domain: climate
entity_id: climate.netatmo_kuchyne
type: set_preset_mode
preset_mode: Schedule

But the question is still how to specify the name / ID from the netatmo app. Simple “name” not enough in data pole.

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Not sure if I understand your question but to set a schedule you have to do something like this:


home_name: MyHome
schedule_name: Vacation

Yes, this is it, thanks. I used only “name” or “home”. It´s my fault

Does it work?

I have an error:
“You passed an invalid schedule”

In general, yes, currently, maybe not, since Netatmo has troubles with their servers.

Can you show your automation?

did anyone get this working. I’m complete new to home assistant and I try to set the schedule trough a simple automation.

This is what I got, but it doesn’t work


  • service: netatmo.set_schedule
    entity_id: climate.netatmo_smart_thermostat
    home_name: Thuis
    schedule_name: Afwezig

You don’t need to specify the home name. This is sufficient:

  - service: netatmo.set_schedule
      schedule_name: Default
    entity_id: climate.netatmo_livingroom

Thanks Tobi,

I got it working with your help and I found out I needed to make an integration with netatmo cloud account. I had an integration setup with HomeKit

It works perfect now. Thanks

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Great, glad it helped.


Is there a way to get the current schedule? My plan is to set an away schedule when everybody is out of the house and restore the schedule when someone comes back, but i dont know the original schedule since i change it sometimes from netatmo app.

Thanks in advance!

This it not implemented, but I’ll add this in one of the next releases.

Awesome! Thank you @cgtobi

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It was a quick one:

is it currently possible to call the “away”, “frost guard” and “boost” service within the script?

No, those are available as presets from the UI or via the service climate.set_preset_mode.

Yes I know, so I ask if I can set up elsewhere. It reminded me of ElMonty. I intended to call the service after leaving the house. However, I can solve this with a new plan with similar parameters.

Maybe I misunderstood your question. What do you mean by “within the script”? Which script?