Netatmo thermostat services

Hi everyone,

I need some help since I couldn’t find the info I’m looking for on the forum.
I want to buy a thermostat for my boiler, in order to have it integrated with my current HA setup.
The only two compatible brands I found are Netatmo and MiGo, but I think that Netatmo is the only pne that can integrate with HA, right?

The thing is I want to do more than just watch the thermostat temperarure.
Is it possible to perform some actions like “turn heat on/off”, “check if heat is on”, etc.?
Which services are available for the netatmo thermostat?


Found this info in documentation, but it was not of too much help:

I could use any help here :slight_smile:


Hi, here is what Netatmo thermostat looks in HA. Yes you can change target temperature, turn on/off Away mode and also see when boiler was turned on and off. I am very satisfied with Netatmo and its integration into HA.

For a boiler I would use a simple Esp relay: 10 euro at the most

Thank you guys!