Netatmo weather: configure update frequency or get max values

Currently, the netatmo weather sensor information is updated infrequently (every 10 or 5 minutes). This is not feasible for frequently changing data or data which must be reacted quickly upon, e.g. wind gust strength or rain.
I need to react on wind gust strength and rain to control and safeguard equipment. If the wind gust strength is only polled in five or ten minutes intervals, the resulting data is mostly unusable. This value changes very frequently. If we sample only in minute intervals, we are very likely to miss the extremes. However, the extreme values (e.g. max wind gust strength during the last five minutes) determine a necessary reaction.

If the netatmo API does not allow for real-time or near real-time data collection, is there any other way to get the required data?

  • if the min polling interval is five minutes, get the max value during the last five minutes (of e.g. wind gust strength or rain)?
  • reduce the polling interval for specific data points?

According to the Netatmo documentation data is measured every 5 minutes by the modules and sent to the servers every 10 minutes. So there is no need to lower the polling frequency. Data is retrieved at once, so individual data points do neither make sense nor is it possible.

@rosch100 I have the same use case - need to be able to react instantly on changes (rain) - and the Netatmo is not the solution unless we get access directly to the devices API. However, this is not planned for at Legrand during 2020 according to answers in their dev-forums.
Just wanted to hear if you have found other solutions in the meantime?

Cheers, Joe

You can take the module and try to poll more often but this definitely won’t be something that will be part of the release. We have to respect Netatmos terms and conditions.

@tobi -agree 100%. We are using Netatmo for something it was not meant for in the first place. Given the 5 min measurement intervals and 10 minute update within the Netatmo cloud solution itself, I think we need to disregard Netatmo for our use case at the moment.

Hello guys,

i have build an mqtt netatmo (homeCoach) bridge
You can set the poll intervall whatever you want, but cloud Data is not often updated.

Hello there! I was trying to increase the sampling rate of my netatmo PWS integration and came across this old thread. I wonder if now, 2 years in later, Netatmo still updates server data every 10min and if there is anyway we can reduce time slots without updated data. Thanks a million for your hard work!

Yes, it still is that way. I don’t know of any way to increase the frequency.