Netatmo webhook nabucasa


I have netatmo cameras presence.
I want to configure the webhooks. I use nabucasa because my network is inaccessible (natted network).
Every time I start HA, a new webhook id is generated for netatmo so it will also generate a new URL. In the cloud panel of HA, the new webhhok is disabled…
How can I set a fixed id webhook to use the netatmo component of HA?
Thank you all


I have the exact same issue. After a restart of HA the webhook gets disabled and when activating it again it will generate a new URL.

I’m using Netatmo Welcome camera and Home Assistant V0.100 and nabucasa cloud.

Someone any ideas why the webhook gets disabled after a restart? Are we missing something?

Many Thanks!

This unfortunately is broken and needs to be fixed. I just haven’t gotten to it but it’s on my plate as it’s bothering me as well.

That would be great (same issue here)

I have not forgotten. I’ll post here once it’s ready to be tested.