NetBird-Client Add-on

NetBird is an open-source VPN management platform built on top of WireGuard® making it easy to create secure private networks for your organization or home.

It requires zero configuration effort leaving behind the hassle of opening ports, complex firewall rules, VPN gateways, and so forth.

NetBird uses NAT traversal techniques to automatically create an overlay peer-to-peer network connecting machines regardless of location (home, office, data center, container, cloud, or edge environments and now HASSIO with this add-on), unifying virtual private network management experience.


The installation of this add-on is pretty straightforward and not different in
comparison to installing any other HASSIO add-on.

  1. Add my HASSIO add-ons repository (GitHub - dannymate/hassio-addons) to your HASSIO instance.
  2. Install the “NetBird-Client” add-on.
  3. If you are using the central NetBird instance you can either use the URL generated in the log or you can use a SETUP_KEY. If hosting your own then you’ll want to set ADMIN_URL & MANAGEMENT_URL and again only need to set up the SETUP_KEY if you don’t want to login via the log generated URL.
  4. Start the “NetBird-Client” add-on.
  5. Feels free to check the logs for NetBird-Client to make sure its booted correctly.
  6. This client will show up in your NetBird dashboard.

If there are any issues please create an issue on Github. Thank you!!