Netflix / Movies Light Automation not working when using rgb_color

Hi guys,

So after finally getting all my devices recognized and working in Hassio, I am trying to setup a few simple automations to start with .

Added an automation for dimming lights when playing netflix and turning brightness up when paused or idle .

It seemed to be working great at first but after adding rgb_color it won’t work anymore .
Doesn’t really make any sense as it’s a valid parameter and everything else is same.

Here is the code for the scenes :

  - name: Livingroom normal
            state: on
            transition: 2
            brightness_pct: 80
            color_temp: 153
            rgb_color: [255, 226, 145]
  - name: Livingroom dim
            state: on
            transition: 2
            brightness_pct: 33
            rgb_color: [255, 247, 238]

If I remove rgb_color it eventually works again, although it seems to be a bit erratic .

As triggers I am using my androidtv (mibox 3) status (playing/paused)

Any clues on what might be causing this ?

Thanks !

I read some other posts (about using rgb_color in scenes) and one of them said that combining color_temp and rgb_color caused a problem. Try removing color_temp from the scene.

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Thanks buddy, was just about to post the answer :slight_smile:

Working smooth now after removing color_temp !!

Another issue was the space between the commas, it must be like this :


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