Netgear Login Errors

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Home Assistant rookie here and first post. So far I’ve got some simple basics set up: Ecobee, Hue, and Z-wave lock.

Now I’ve been working on getting some presence detection working to actually automate a few things. Having troubles with both the Netgear component and Owntracks but I’ll stick to Netgear for this discussion.

My configuration.yaml section looks like:

#Presence Detection
  - platform: netgear
    username: admin
    password: *********
  - platform: owntracks
    max_gps_accuracy: 200

I keep getting the following errors:

16-09-02 13:18:24 homeassistant.components.device_tracker.netgear: Failed to Login
16-09-02 13:18:24 homeassistant.components.device_tracker: Error setting up platform netgear
16-09-02 13:18:48 netdisco.ssdp: Error fetching description at
16-09-02 13:18:50 homeassistant.components.device_tracker.netgear: Failed to Login
16-09-02 13:18:50 homeassistant.components.device_tracker: Error setting up platform nether

I’m assuming part of my problem has to do with this rootDesc.xml file but I’m not sure how to fix that. Maybe I’m having a different issue…?


P.S. If anyone wants to chime in I can’t get Owntracks to see my iBeacon. Have the UUID input but when I’m in range (according to the beacon setup app), the own tracks icon doesn’t turn red and doesn’t appear to recognize I’m there…

Searching i found this thread. it helped fix the issue for me.

I found that earlier as well which is part of the reason I removed the port from the configuration above. Doesn’t seem to have helped me…

That auto-detect thing doesn’t seem to have any documentation. If I delete the netgear section from my configuration.yaml file altogether, I still get an error that the netgear component was unable to login. So even the auto-detect doesn’t seem to be working.

Mine is still trying to connect also I did change my port number to the one it was trying to reach which was port 8200.
My error logs do not show the connection error like before.

I’ll give that a try! Won’t get a chance until after the holiday but I’ll report back.

I had this issue with the R6300v2 and recreated the behavior by calling pynetgear directly. The errors were (slightly) more helpful doing it this way but I discovered the only way it worked is if I left all parameters blank except for the password. It listed all connected devices. Lo and behold, providing only a password to Home-Assistant also prevents fatal errors. Config:

  - platform: netgear
    password: XXXXXX

The good news it is no longer exploding when it starts up, the bad news is it still fails to log in :slight_frown::

ERROR:homeassistant.components.device_tracker.netgear:Failed to Login
ERROR:homeassistant.components.device_tracker:Error setting up platform netgear
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i think login into netgear router is Pretty Easy with right steps. Just Follow these steps

  • Open Your Web browser and type And Make sure You connected with netgear router while You do it .

  • type username = admin And password = password And Press ok
    For any other Help I Refer to login netgear router
    see if this Information helps you access your netgear router

I recently replaced my old Netgear router with an R7800. I’ve never been able to get device tracking to work with either. I’ve tried the suggestions found in forum threads (specify password only, specify port 80, etc) with no luck.

Is anyone successfully using a recent Netgear router for device tracking with HA?

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It works fine with my Netgear 7000. I had an older Netgear router that I could never make work, but this one seems fine.

Did you do anything special on your router’s setup?

I do not recall doing anything special.

Running fine on my new r7000 but I ditched the rubbish Netgear firmware day one and am using AsusWRT Merlin, 1000% better UI, and am therefore using Asus HA component with it :slight_smile:

The error:

16-09-02 13:18:48 netdisco.ssdp: Error fetching description at

is related to the Netgear Ready DLNA Media Server. The public version of ReadyMedia uses port 8200. Try disabling the Media Server on the router and see if the port closes. In my case disabling the Media Server got rid of the error.

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AsusWRT Merlin for Netgear seems like a very questionable firmware to me. Some guy XVortex in Russia takes open source code, modifies it, doesn’t post a changelog (meaning it’s no longer in the open source license, and people like me don’t know what he actually did to it). Just a warning, sorry to be off topic.