Netgear ORBI device_tracker mac address tracking is no longer working

The latest versions of Device_tracker integration with netgear (aka orbi) the mac address tracking is GONE. This has broken a lot of things…
When adding the netgear now via UI (you cannot use the yaml anymore) it adds all the entities and devices, but they are UNKNOWNS - no way to see mac address anymore. the entities are hostnames only - it doesn’t allow access to view mac address of these devices or entities which was very helpful for no hostname devices that need to be tracked via the known_devices.yaml file.

The known_devices.yaml file is no longer created which was an alternate method to track these unidentified devices via the device_tracker.

This is important for those devices where the DHCP is handled via another device and Orbi is nothing more than Access Point only… not a router.

Does anyone have a workaround for this? I am going to submit a bug on this otherwise.
There is another thread where I replied on this…