NETGEAR R8000 Nighthawk X6 advice

Hi guys,
I’m looking to upgrade to my router to a NETGEAR R8000 Nighthawk X6 and just wanted to know how well it plays with home assistant.

Does anyone have any advice they could share?

Install DDWRT.

Sorry what’s this?

Oh, its a custom firmware that replaces the netgear firmware. I just upgraded my Netgear router the other day.

But saying that, I used to use the netgear component and that worked great too for location tracking.

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I wanting to use the Disney circle for parental control and was wanting to use someone better than nmap.

I just didn’t want to buy something they play nice with HA

How quick was it picking your device up as being home, also what made you change the firmware?

You can set the interval it checks, by default I believe it was 12 seconds so it picks up super quick.

Leaving is another matter, because some phones drop in and out of wifi (maybe to save battery?). Because of this, I have it setup to not mark a device as inactive unless its been missing for 90 seconds. So basically it takes 90 seconds to go inactive after I leave.

Moving to DDWRT? I used to run it before on an older device so I was familiar with it. But in the end I just wanted more control over features.

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What is the Disney circle for parental control?

Oh just looked it up, I should get this for my wife :slight_smile:

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I currently have bluetooth and wifi for combined tracking, it just my current router signal strength is shocking.

I have medium size house and my router sits on the stair in the center of my house.

I like the features netgear offer
Guest wifi
Tri band
Controllable via an app
Disney circle