Netgear Router and VPN

I dont know if anyone is interested but perhaps. I run an Orbi mesh. My HA dont need any Internet access but I am interested to reach it if necessary when not home. I have looked at different solutions to do this securely. One option is a VPN. But my experience of VPN.s has not been very positive. But then I heard that the Orbi had built in support for OpenVpn. So I have activated it and downloaded the app for my Android. tablet. In the settings in the router I set it to only be active to protect my home network and let outgooing traffic be uneffected. I have npw run it for about a month and been running around among different public networks to test and I must say it runs flawless.
I think this possibility now is available on most Netgear routers with fresh firmware

I can confirm OpenVPN runs fine on other Netgear routers.

I recently bought a R7800, and it was easy to implement DDNS and OpenVPN on it, and works great on an android and iphone.


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