Netro Integration

Very nice! Would love to see a lovelace config for Netro, that’d be so great.

Does anyone know then how to do this?

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Thank you, this was really helpful to me! Does anyone know how i can format the date time for outputting something like this?

{{ ((states(‘sensor.netro_front_zone_raw’) or “{}”) | replace("’",’"’) | from_json).start_time }}

At the moment it outputs canonical “2021-05-30T06:00:00” but i would just like it to display like “Sunday, May 30, 06:00”

I’m a newbie at this so would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Just got the Netro with 12 zones, the GUI is really nice and clean but the hardware…bad wire connectors, keep getting loose and some of my zones don’t even activate my valves. Guess I’ll be returning it and building my own controller.

Oh, sorry to hear that. I really have had no probs with my Netro device. Have two of them for over 2 years.

@StefanoGiu could you help me at all with the time/date formatting as I mentioned above?


I was wondering if someone had taken the time to build it into a custom component. I’m quite struggling to get the information out of the API with the commands list above. I think it would help a lot of folks that have this irrigation system.