Network Config help

I just setup Home Assistant on my Proxmox server and need some help with the network configuration.

My network is split between 4 VLANs: Main LAN (Proxmox is here) Guest Network IoT Network (All Smart home stuff is here) Work Network

I was trying to integrate my smart home stuff into Home Assistant but it is unable to connect to anything on my IoT Network. I attempted to setup an additional bridge or VLAN inside Proxmox to put Home Assistant or point it to my IoT Network but nothing seemed to work.

My firewall is set so that the Main LAN can communicate to the IoT network but not the other way around in case something gets hacked it can’t spread. Could this be preventing HA from connecting?

Any help would be appreciated!

This is somewhat little information. How are your network masks set? And if you can only communicate from to but now in the other direction, it is obvious that you NEVER get an answer back from your IOT devices, except when you set a router between these two networks with some sort of NAT. This is kind of the same as your home network and its connection to the world wide internet: you cannot receive something from the outside as long as you in your local net does not ask for it, and if you ask, your router opens a connection to the outside, on which ‘the outside’ also answers back…

Please let me know any additional information you might need to help.

You are correct in that I setup everything so that the IoT network cannot communicate back to the Main LAN in the event something is compromised it won’t be able to reach my Work Network or my main network and be isolated. I decided to do this also because for the most part, traffic from the IoT network to the Main LAN isn’t necessary for any reason but the Main LAN does need to communicate to the IoT Network for controlling via my phone or tablet.

This is why I would like to get the HA VM setup to either be located on the IoT Network (not ideal) or if I need to make an exception for traffic from the IoT network to be able to communicate back to the HA VM in order for IoT devices to be able to be seen and added into HA. Does HA require communication back from the IoT devices in order to be added in for controlling?

I’m having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

The most flexible solution is to use the firewall rules in your router to control access across and within VLANs. Theres an exhaustive list of blogs and youtube how-to’s for setting up VLAN or IoT security.