Network devices status in HA


I want to have in the HA-Dashboard all my network devices status like:

Computer1: Running
Computer2: Down
Printer: Running
HA-Server: Running
FileServer: Running

How can I do something like this? There is any HA’s feature available or any ideas?

Thank you!

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Sounds like you want a group of sensors.

The sensors would be binary sensors with type connectivity.

What binary sensor depends on how you will ascertain the running or down status of the devices. Ping via command line? Device_tracker? something else - depends on your usage case.


as phileep already suggested, use a binary sensor, i am working with the ping component

Works perfect for me.

nmap or ping device trackers will track the status of your devices as noted above.

If you want to change the output from home/not_home to online/offline or running/not running see below

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Very helpful! Thank you very much! This is what I want.

I just implemented this last night.

I used the ping binary_sensor and added a sensor template to change the output for “online” or offline. The sensor template (not binary_sensor template!!) also supports different icons - for example mdi:server-network if it’s online and mdi:server-network-off when offline.

How can I change the icons by its state?

Just use the icon_template option:

icon_template: '{% if is_state("sun.sun", "above_horizon") %}mdi:weather-sunny{% else %}mdi:weather-night{% endif %}'

More info here.