Network Dropping - Hassio on Virtualbox

I have been running Hassio on Virtualbox on a MacMini for quite some time, and now in the last 2-3 months, I’ve had random issues with losing the network connection. If I go to Virtualbox, and toggle the network connection down and back up, it starts working. Virtualbox was on 5.2.??, and I’ve now updated to the new version 6, but still having these random issues. Hassio is updated to the latest, and I usually update shortly after releases and I’ve seen the issue with all the releases in the past couple months. I can’t point it at a certain upgrade with Hass or VB, and I’m just lost.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to search logs, or check some settings that could be causing this?

I had similar issues when I ran the Hassio HassOS install in VirtualBox on Windows 10.
On VirtualBox I found the Hassio Linux install (I used Debian, but Ubuntu would work) to be more dependable.

I did run on Ubuntu for some time as well, but wanted to use Hassio for the extra GUI features. Again, it was good for quite some time, probably 6-8 months, and now the network fails almost daily.

What logs can I even look at? The console window for VirtualBox has some errors, but every time it happens I’ve forgotten to take a screenshot.

What I found is the OS became unresponsive on the network. My guess is there may be a memory leak I. The custom HassOs. It was easier for me to choose a different option.

I think I mentioned earlier, you can install the Hassio containers on Ubuntu. The lower part if the installation page has the Linux instructions.