Network Interface Changing Config, Although Manual

HI there,

I am using HA in a VirtualBox VM. It was setup with a bridged nic to a GbE adapter on the host.

Problem: I have a mesh wifi6 network with 5 Huawei 7206 AX3 Pro routers and their lan ip addresses are hardwired. In other words, they consider the wifi as a LAN and, for the main router, I can only access the management interface connected to the wifi and using an IP at the same hardwired network (

To enable HA to see the main router, I connected the host to the huawei main router wifi and bridged this connection to a second bridged adapter for HA.

No problems at first: the GbE nic has a default gateway, dns servers etc, and the second nic bridged to the wifi has a manual ip address without default gateway or dns servers.

It works like a charm, for a day or two… when the second nic goes crazy and changes it’s config sometimes to auto dhcp and receiving a config (that has a default gateway too and… HA is rendered inaccessible from the internet.

Any ideas on why the second nic config changes without intervention?

Thanks in advance!