Network music player

Hello, everyone,

I have a 3TB large MP3 collection, and I would like to play it via Homeassistant, but unfortunately I cannot find a suitable player.

My music collection is on a network drive (NFS & CIFS), the output should be on my SONOS boxes.
Is there a nice sensible network player with which you can do something like that?

Thank you!

the easiest way i found is ‘logitech media server’
there is a sonos plugin, i don’t use it.

Logitech Media Server, second vote.

I’m using the Logitech Media Player as well.

But I am using PiCorePlayer on a raspberry in every room for the music.

Ditto but not every room. Attach a pair of active speakers &, voila, an entire player for minimal outlay & better than any commercial offerings.

And I happily use Bubble UPNP server for years now. Capable of HiRes 24bit streaming too…