Network problems when connecting Rasberry PI to switch


Back on Sept I upgraded my internet to FTTH, the isp modem only has 3 lan ports. And I’m experiencing network issues.

So plugged into the back of the isp Router I have the following
-DECO M5 Mesh WiFi
-net gear 1gigabit 5 port switch

Connected to the switch
-Raspberry PI
-link to shed
-sonos booster
-hue bridge

From the shed I tried connecting a computer using Ethernet cable, but the PC came up with unidentified network. Opened up command prompt and typed in ipconfig, the results was the pc connected to the raspberry pi and not the router.

Any ideas why this happened and how to force hardwired devices in shed to connect to router.


Do you have a DHCP server running on the Raspi?

PiHole or something similar?

If so disable it and the PC should connect using the DHCP server in your router.

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Thank you @tom_l, Yes there was a DCHP server installed. It was this one

I have no idea why it is installed :man_facepalming: disabled and now working OK from shed. Strange how its only started playing up now. No wonder my access point was not working lol.

Thanks again

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