Network Setup

This is more of a general networking question.

I had my Hassio Pi running on my Hitron CGN3 modem/routers wifi unit along with about 30 devices total (planning on adding at least double that). This was slowing the Hitron down considerably so I decided to buy a separate router, TpLink Archer c3200, for my Home Assistant network.

My setup up is Hitron > Switch > TpLink > Hassio Pi
The switch is in there so i can eventually set up a vlan, I also have another google wifi network behind the switch.

The Hitron is assigning the TpLink an IP of

I’ve got SSL configured so on the Hitron I’m forwarding port 443 external to port 443 internal at the TpLink ip

On the TpLink I have a virtual server forwarding port 443 external to port 443 internal to the Hassio Pi’s ip at

When I try to access Home assistant through any means from any network it wont work:

Very much appreciate the help!

You need to port forward hassip:443 external to hassip:8123 internal for home assistant to work without using a proxy.

So to clarify, change TpLink to go to 443 to 8123. (Pretty sure)

My original write up had a mistake, port 443 is forwarded to internal port 8123.

It should work with your config. The only thing I can think of is the fact that a response may not be getting out. You may need to route the response from hassio to the hitron on the TpLink.

FYI I’m not a network guru but I will be setting up something similar to you in the future when I introduce cameras in my setup. I was going to handle this in 1 router though with a vlan and unmanaged switches.

Hmm, I’ll look into the response. Never thought of that part, not sure how to do it. Also not a network guru

I believe you will have to get a managed switch for the vlan part.

You can turn a un-managed switch into a managed switch if you have a router than can do it. I got a guy that knows networks pretty well and I mistakenly bought an un-managed switch years ago. He explained a lot of that stuff to me then, but the one thing I took away from the conversation is that good routers can do anything with any kind of switch.