Network Traffic by Integration

I see this general question has been asked many (many) times, but I don’t see a direct answer.

Is there a straightforward way (i.e., an integration or add-on) that will show how much network traffic each integration is using?

My HA machine is generating between 6 and 7gb of traffic every day, and I’d sure like to know why.

Thank you.

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Wow, great numbers, interesting to learn more.

As of know, there is no data which we are having on integration level cpu/memory/network utilization.

How did you get this data? From router or from Unifi console?

Cant help with your question but the two main culprits are usually:

  • speedtest
  • video camera streams in dashboards

Disabled speedtests quite a while ago – it was indeed using lots of data.

In my troubleshooting attempts, I disabled the Blueiris integration and that helped.

I still have go2rtc add-on running with a few streams. Will disable and check.

Thank you Tom!

I used the System Monitor platform and then created Utility Meter Helpers to total (or reset) the data on an hourly and daily basis.

Here’s the yaml:

  - platform: systemmonitor
      - type: processor_use
      - type: disk_use_percent
        arg: "/"
      - type: disk_free
        arg: "/"
      - type: memory_use_percent
      - type: network_in
        arg: eno1
      - type: throughput_network_in
        arg: eno1
      - type: network_out
        arg: eno1
      - type: throughput_network_out
        arg: eno1
      - type: processor_temperature
      - type: last_boot

I am happy to help and share, but I’d bet that I am in the bottom 1% of knowledgeable here, so just about anyone else could do a better job.

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One 2K camera stream can generate this amount of traffic in one hour…

Partial solution here. Any help to a complete solution will be appreciated.