Network trafic

Hello, I am very happy to work with H.A. I try ton install on the same machine (Intel I5) Freepbx.
I see a continuos trafic off 320 Kb/s when home assistant is working.
I don’t know if it is too much ?
I have two cameras. and fiew esp8266 with captors.
If it is too much, how to know wich connexions consume a lot of data ?

Many thanks for your help !
Best regards

320 Kb/s… your home network is likely 1 Gb/s, or about 1,048,576 Kb/s. In other words, you’re fine :wink:

Probably the traffic is the cameras, you could test by turning them off, but I doubt it’s needed.

For comparison, my camera consumes about 10 Mb/s by itself.