Network Watchdog

i wana make a network watch dog to restart my router or servers if they go offline anyway to have ping service were if it doesn’t respond to 5min it uses a son off device or a Bluetooth device to restart devices maybe a lil sensor part saying what pc / services are online i have well on my server and pc which is great but sometimes i lose all connection normally cause my switch crashes and want my watchdog tab to restart if I’m not home using phone tracking stuff

so how can i have a sensor to say am i online or not?


to see if your house is online - ping an external site.

You could use a command line sensor for that

The tricky bit will be how to restart the router with a sonoff (or something else that flics the power) - as once the router is turned off, you may not have a network to tell the sonoff to turn back on!

will turning on and off the switch i could connect direct to router and i use pfsence what component can i use to ping with ?

ahhh just found that command line sensor thanks