Networking help


I have running on a rpi3 with an Aoetec stick for Zwave. Now I have some issues with the networking on the way I can access the internet. My Modem is supplied by my isp is an NF18ACV. I have disabled its wifi. I use google wifi as my primary mesh wifi device.
The primary google wifi device is connected as a LAN device. The LAN of the primary router is 192.168.10.X where as the LAN created by the google wifi is 192.168.80.X. My rpi is currently connected to the google wifi, with a static ip.

Now due to this setup, i cannot get a duckdns started to get routed to the correct internal ip and port.
I am not sure if bridging the NF18ACV would help, but i was wondering if i can setup some port forwarding in order to direct the traffic to the correct device.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Usually the modem needs to be bridged since it’s just providing the data line. Your internal router should be doing all the work (DDNS, routing, port forwarding) and not the router attached to the modem.

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