Networkmap in zigbee2mqtt: Failed to execute LQI for Router

Hello everybody! Since one month or so, there’s an error when I try to get the networkmap in the zigbee2mqtt API

Before I could visualize all the devices and the mesh

But now I see a message when its refreshing:

Failed to execute LQI for Router

And I get a map with some devices apparently out of the network, and no mesh at all

And even if they appear to be offline, all devices are working just fine! So I guess they are connected in some other way, of it’s just a visualization problem.

Could it be a bug? Do you guys know how to solve it?

same problem here!

Same problem here

Same problem. Need help!

Official reply from Koenkk (creator of the zigbee2mqtt addon)

Failed to execute LQI can happen for 2 reasons

  1. The network is congested and therefore no responses are send. Try increasing the sleep between network scans, change e.g. to await utils.sleep(5);

  2. The device doesn’t support an LQI request (I know this is the case for e.g. non-pro Gledopto devices). Cannot be solved from z2m side

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I have same problem.
Maybe there is a way to simply draw map excluding devices that failes to execute LQI?

I use z2m as add-on in home assistant in supervised mode. Please let me know how can I change await utils.sleep(5).
I can’t find such file " networkMap.js" in my system

So, I have several smart plugs acting as routers. All from the same manufacturer and all is working perfectly except one where I’m receiving this error. This is in a room in the basement which is not ideal, however I can see the device on the map but last seen time is 1day ago and the sonoff temp sensor should connect to this smart plug isn’t reporting. Is there any way to fix this?