Netztransparenz API Integration

The API of “netztransparenz” is an German site that is informing about forecasts of solar, wind production, marketing (prices) and could so be used to calculate the earnings of an home energyproducation from solar panels. The monthly solar prize is used to calulate the earning for sold solar energy (Example 80 or 90 % of the monthly average value).
Prices are normally published in the first 10 Days of the following month so the price shcould be calculated for the month before (normally 80 or 90 percent of the published price depending on the electricity supplier)

On by the link with instructions:
Here the page: Netztransparenz > Erneuerbare Energien und Umlagen > EEG > Transparenzanforderungen > Marktprämie > Marktwertübersicht showing the Prizes (MW = Mittelwert Average Solar aso)

The service requires a registration and is using OAuth2.0 Client Credential Grant. Every steps are explained on the page.

Thanks in advance.

The only way to get a new integration like this is to write it yourself and add it as a PR for core. Integrations I would guess were 90% written opensource by the community.

It doesn’t hurt to ask, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

You may want to look for one somebody wrote in github and advertised in HACS as a custom integration or something.

I will try but my coding capabilities are limited. I will search again on github too.
Perhaps anybody want to try to make a custom integration.

Generally I am very interested as I have a PV solar system and would love to get a precise forecast.
Looking through the API spec I doubt that this would give me this information. What I find is data that is of course very interesting but more on an overall network level, e.g. “how many MW solar power will go into the Tennet network”

So what exactly do you want to automate in HA with it?

The MW Solar is used to calculate the earning of my energy production.
If I produce 1 MW of energy in June the earnings are calculate with the data published between 1 and 10 of July (here 7,124ct/kw) with a factor of 0,9 (90 Percent). So home assistant should calculate about the 10 of the next month how many money I made with the selling of my solar energy (1000 kW * 0,07124 * 0,9 = 64,116 Euro)

Ah, now I understand. Never thought of this use case. Interesting API, though.