Never ending startup after update

Last few core updates I’ve been having issues where home assistant will get stuck on loading after being updated. And it’s always same:

  • I will update home assistant core component
  • It will restart so it can load new version
  • Gets stuck for a time on loading for script integration, then proceeds
  • Loads evereythin else except script integration, i don’t have “Scripts” in Configuration menu and message stays on “Wrapping up startup, not everything will be available until it is finished”.

If i reboot the host entirely, it will work on next boot. but curious as to why it’s happening after update.
Is anyone aware of this or should i create bug report on github, advice would be appreciated.

home-assistant.log can be found on and it can show that core started at 20:01 and it showed that script integration was starting for more than 300 seconds and will proceed without it. And it’s always same!

Supervisor log can be found here:

Home assistant core: core-2021.11.3
Supervisor: supervisor-2021.10.8
OS: Home Assistant OS 6.6
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+

Yes same problem here but nobody seems to coming with solutions

I believe that’s because it’s really difficult to discover the root cause of that, since logs don’t display anything meaningful instead just continuing after timeout of 300 seconds.

Are you aware if github issue was raised for this? I can’t seem to find any

Check your configuration, this happened to me when I had something in the old config which was not supported in the new version, then this happened to me. I had to change the config and do a hard reboot of the host and afterwards it booted and started fine.

A good tool for this is the configuration checker addon!

But if it’s an issue with bad configuration it would prevent it from starting even after host reboot, right? Here, it’s only misbehaving on core restart after update. And starts just fine on host reboot

Since 2021.12.6 I am experiencing the same but wonder if it’s not just a GUI issue.
When I revisit my HA installation (in my case, logoff and open it in a new tab on my laptop), all looks fine, where it absolutely did not before I “left”.

That would explain why there is nothing in the log.

Have also the same since 2021.12.6, no specific errors in the log.

Update: after some reboots it seems to work again.

I have the same problem with 2021.12.6, but if I reload the page in Chrome everything seems to have loaded ok.