New Accent Color Pickers for Android


It’s something that’s been around for quite some time but the accent color picker for Android is somewhat rudimentary and not even modern.

While iOS and MacOS have their native interface (with a beautiful UI)

and for Windows you created a new one.

I would love a new UI for the selector on Android because it still has a HOLO aesthetic.

Is there any way to create a new selector?
I would love to type my HEX code color, or select an specific one with a color wheel…

Where do you see this color picker?

Profile - General - Mobile App Settings - Primary/Accent Color. It’s where themes are

Wow, the Android color picker is hot garbage…
Terrible selection granularity from the little sliders and absolutely no support for putting in values of colors I already know.
This should be improved.
I can understand why this has never been improved upon. People either leave the defaults, don’t set it in Android, or set it once and never again and quickly forget the terrible menu.

This looks beautiful :eyes:

You got my vote, that’s effing awful.