New Adaptive Lighting Integration

A new integration for HA authored by @basnijholt
The NEW circadian lighting integration, will be included in HA 118… or 119… or 2021.01.01?
or install it from

I added it into HA 117.5 and it’s working beautifully!


I saw the docs for this a few days ago. Looking forward to some of the awesome features that the current CL custom component I use doesn’t have. (ability to change based on light being controlled externally to HA)

I don’t need that but yep, I saw it!
It’s up and running for me…

Yeah, I use a few z-wave dimmers so they can be controlled directly from the wall. The new feature will allow HA to disable CL to prevent the lights trying to revert back to CL settings if the brightness is changed at the dimmer. The current implementation cant do that and you have to disable CL otherwise you will be fighting it

I had CL controller lighting in my Office and often at 2:00 AM I could not see my keyboard! Now I can control the brightness separately in my office versus bedroom, or disable just it.

The CL custom component can do that too. This new one is based on it

I never could see how I could control the color/brightness separately within CL…

You can control different lights separately (as you say, office vs bedroom), but as far as I know you can’t disable the brightness control of one specific light and leave the colour control of that same light on… I never tried it though.

Can you expound on how a light might be controller externally to HA?
I’m having trouble coming up with a scenario…

Z-Wave dimmers in the wall at the normal location you have the light switch. I can turn them on/off via HA or via a pushbutton wired to the dimmer itself

Do the dimmers not report their status change back to HA?

They do, but that’s the point. Using this new Adaptive Lighting (AL) component will allow HA to disable AL if the light has been controlled externally to HA, ie: the command to change the light was not a HA service call, but someone changing the light using the dimmer button. This functionality is not currently possible with CL as there is no tracking of why or how the light has changed from the CL settings

That’s good to know, thanks! I learn something new about HA every day…

Glad that @adamoberley recommended this to me. Got it up and running on my instance, and it’s running beautifully.

Though I’m still new to Home Assistant and would be curious if one might know of a way to have different settings depending on a variable, such as sunset.

For example:
I would like to have Adaptive Lighting control brightness and color during the day, but perhaps only color at night. While the configuration variables allow for those settings to be adjusted, I’m not entirely sure how to separate the behavior into different times of day. Any advice would be great!

Maybe with an aditional automation like that:?

alias: AL Brighness Autoamtion
description: ''
  - platform: state
    entity_id: sun.sun
condition: []
  - choose:
      - conditions:
          - condition: state
            entity_id: sun.sun
            state: above_horizon
          - service: switch.turn_on
            data: {}
            entity_id: switch.adaptive_lighting_adapt_brightness_buro_deckenlampe
      - conditions:
          - condition: state
            entity_id: sun.sun
            state: below_horizon
          - service: switch.turn_off
            data: {}
            entity_id: switch.adaptive_lighting_adapt_brightness_buro_deckenlampe
    default: []
mode: single

This turns on Brightness Adaption of AL when Sun goes above horizon and turns it off when sun goes below horizon

I thought this was going to be released with HA 0.118 but I guess that didn’t happen… any idea when it will be released as a core integration?

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Maybe i do not understand the real goal of this component. What i need is an adaptive lighting from sunset to sunrise and not the opposite as i don’t need to have lights turned on during the day, living in a place where the sun is really powerfull. Is there a way to have this component working following my needs? Or surely i did not understand at all?

Short answer: Yes.

Adaptive Lighting is 24x7 but very controllable. If you don’t turn on the lights during the day (or night), nothing happens. It does not turn lights on or off, only adjusts the brightness/color temp if they are on, and only the ones that you specify in each entity of Adaptive lighting that you create. I have three…Bedroom, Bathroom and Office, each with different settings. You could create automations to disable/enable any of the following aspects of each: Disable/Enable the AL entity, Brightness, Color or Sleep Mode. Sleep mode is controlled by input_boolean.sleep_mode that you have to create. I have Alexa toggle it when I say Good Night/Good Morning.

How to create more than one series of switches. Actually i have created, using the UI, only one series of switches, but if i want to create another one for different lights in a different room, how to do this?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but i am not so good in translating english documentations…
EDIT: Found it! Forget my request…

No such thing as stupid questions, only stupid answers, like RTFM, etc.!

For thread question/answer documentation, the answer is: add another instance of the integration.

I hate when I’m googling something, find the same question I have and after reading 8 or 10 pages of back and forth the poster says “I manged to fix it…”. Someone might ask how but they never answer!