[New Addon] DSS VoIP Notifier: a way to make VoIP call from Hassio


I’ve made my FIRST addon for Hassio: DSS VoIP Notifier

This add-on allows you to make VoIP calls from Hassio ad provides a way to transform a text in a audio file, make a VoIP call to a SIP url and play them to the attendee.

Let me know what do you think about and if you will find it useful!


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I’m just testing this and I think it is awesome!

I was just wondering if it was possible to let hassio hang-up the call after it played the message?

I would like to play a message to my SIP enabled doorbell after someone pressed it. The doorbell automatically picks up when it gets called, but doesn’t hang-up automatically. Which results in the message keeps repeating over and over…


I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s possible: PjSUA is executed asynchronously and addon don’t know when call was answered. It will know only exit status.

I suggest you to

  • decrease call duration (eg. to 10 seconds) (set max_call_time option)
  • create a 15 seconds mp3 file and play it with audio_file_url options. Obviously last seconds can be silence and visitor don’t hear anything…

Let me know if this way will meet your needs and resolve your problem.


Thanks! Will try to play with max_call_time.